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Information shown below based on the products we currently use and not applicable to all products on the market

CarPro Cquartz Ceramic Coat

Paint Ceramic Coat

Ceramic Coats are the highest type of paint protection available on the market now. When applied they give extremely glossy wet look to the paintwork, they are also extremely hydrophobic and provide long term protection for few years.

Ceramic Coats should be applied after at least a one step paint correction to ensure maximum bond to the paintwork.

For after care please refer to the After Care Page.

Nano Coated Vehicle

Paint Sealant With FluoroCarbon Resins

FluoroCarbon are the in between of ceramic coats and synthetic sealants. they don't last as long as the ceramics but they do last longer than a sealant. they are also extremely hydrophobic and provide a nice deep shine to the paintwork.

The FluoroCarbon Coat is applied by machine.

Synthetic Wax

Paint Synthetic Hard Wax

Hard synthetic waxes can last up to 12 months if maintained properly. they are hydrophobic, provide decent gloss and have some filling capabilities to enhance the look of swirls.

Synthetic Spray Sealant SiO2

Ceramic Infused Spray Sealant SiO2

These Sealants are made from the same main ingredient ceramic coats are made from which is SiO2. except, the percentage of SiO2 in those sealants is extremely low compared ceramic coats however, they can be used to top up your existing coat. They can last up to 6 months and provide extremely hydrophobic surface and have filling capabilities as well. They can be used on glass, and can be used without the need to paint correction.

Glass Coating

Glass Synthetic Coat

Glass synthetic coat is another great way of having the effect of a freshly ceramic coated glass without the cost of glass ceramic. No machine polishing is required for application and it can last up to 12 months.

Plastic Ceramic Coating

Plastic Restorer Ceramic Coat

Plastic ceramic coat is a semi-permanent way to restore faded plastic trims and protect them for years. it can also be used on new non-faded plastics to prevent them from fading.

Ceramic Coated Leather

Leather Ceramic Coat

Leather ceramics can provide extreme stain and dye transfer protection, are extremely hydrophobic and can last up to 2 years.

they are a great way to protect your leather interior especially if you have light coloured leather.

Synthetic Coated Fabric

Fabric Guard

Fabric nano coats are extremely water repellent and provide great protection to your fabric seats, carpets, mats and are great when used on convertible tops.