Premium Auto Detailing in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Ware & Surrounding Areas

Serving Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and surroundings.


Exterior Detail

Exterior Detail Starts from £60

Our Exterior Detail Service is not just a quick wash, We deep clean using eco-friendly biodegradable products:

- Wheels, wheel arches and tyres.

- We wash the vehicle (rinseless washing) using safe wash methods to minimise swirling or marring the paint finish going through all nooks and crannies with a soft detailing brush. During the wash process we also chemically decontaminate the paint work using biodegradable fallout to remove any ferrous metals that sticks to the paint.

- We clay the vehicle to remove other bonded contaminants sticking to the paint work (note: Ferrous Metals and Other Bonded Contaminants don't come off with normal jet washing)

- We dry the vehicle using a high gsm Microfiber towels to prevent marring the surface.

- We air dry the vehicle to get rid off any water that might be sitting in those nooks and crannies to prevent any water spots after the wash.

- We then finish the paint work with a hydrophobic spray wax to give a nice gloss and protection to the paint work and glass.

Note: Upgrades to type of protection available at this stage.

- Dress the tyres and under wheel arches with UV protectant.

- Polish the visible part of the Muffler for a show room look.

Interior Detail

Interior Detail Starts from £60

- All interior vacuumed (carpet, seats, doors, dashboard, centre console and trunk) using different dedicated tools / attachments for each.

- Carpet, seats, doors, dashboard, center console, headliner, sun visors, pillars and seat belts are deep cleaned (going through all nooks and crannies) , steam cleaned and / or shampooed & wet vacuumed if needed.

- All glass polished.

- Leather conditioner applied.

- All plastics dressed.

- UV protection / Wax applied to all plastics / vinyls.

Note: Prices for interior detail will depend on condition and if there is any pet hair, smoker's car, stains or bio-hazard spills i.e. blood, vomit, urine; Please see add-ons below.

Convertible Top Detail

Convertible Roof Detail Starts from £50

We Steam Clean Fabric top and apply fabric protection to repel water, dirt and prevent the growth of Mold and Mildew.

- Vinyl window deep cleaned (any oxidation or yellowish removed) using a dedicated cleanser.

- UVA & UVB protection applied for Vinyl window.

Engine Bay Detail

Engine-bay Detail Starts from £50

We Steam Clean Engine Bay after covering all electrical components and Alternator to ensure no moisture gets in there from the steam cleaning. Then, Dressing and protection applied. (rubber & plastics only)

Chassis Detail Starts from £30

- The chassis is pressure washed using a chassis tool.

- Chassis Wax applied.

* Chassis detail add on is performed as the first step of the exterior detail.

* Chassis detail is only performed at washing bay designated areas.

Stained Carpets and Seats

Stained Carpets & Seats Starts from £30

- Steam, detergent and wet vacuum extraction machine used to clean and restore the fabric to its original state.

*This add-on is for heavily stained interiors and bio-hazards i.e. blood, urine and vomit.

Odour Neutralisation

Odour Neutralisation Starts from £30

- Odour Neutralisation chemical applied on carpet, seats, headliner, pillars, seat belts and in ashtrays.

- 30~45 Minutes of Ozone treatment applied for air-conditioning system.

* This service is an add-on to our Interior Detail Service.

Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair Removal Starts from £20

- Extra time to remove all pet hair using a dedicated pet hair removal tool.

- Extra time steam cleaning.

Emblem Removal


- Removal of emblems and or decals using different methods and tools as every case is different.

Please Contact Us for a quote.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration Starts from £30

- The area around the headlights is covered with masking tape.

- Headlights are wet sanded using different grades of sand paper.

- Headlights machine polished.

- Ceramic Coat applied.

Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement Starts from £150

Paint Enhancement is the process of restoring shine & gloss to paintwork and filling those micro scratches and swirls using an all in one polish.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction Starts from £250

There are different stages for paint correction and how many stages needed depends on the condition of the paintwork and your budget.

- One Step Paint Correction (£250+):

Permanent removal of minor scratches, minor swirls, Holograms and micro marring.

The one step is done using a fine grade polish with no fillers.

The one step will remove up to 80% of defects on paintwork.

- Two Step Paint Correction (£350+):

The two step is done using a heavy cutting compound to remove moderate scratches and swirls then followed by a fine grade polish to restore shine and gloss to paintwork.

The two step will remove up to 90% of defects on paintwork.

- Three Step Paint Correction (£500+):

The three step is only needed when the paintwork is oxidised (example: Red colour will become pink) Or heavily scratched and swirled paintwork.

The three step involve using wet-sanding, heavy cutting compound and followed by a fine grade polish.

*We do fix one-off scratches, rock chips and we do touch-ups, Please contact us for a quote

Please note: This is not a definite way or steps used; this is only to give you an idea of what we do as every case is different.