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Paint Enhancement before and after shots

Paint Enhancement

Over time sun rays dulls the finish of your paintwork, we can restore the shine and gloss with an all in one polish and dramatically enhance the look of your vehicle. All in one polishes tend to have very little cutting ability, high filling capabilities and protection ability. So, you are probably asking now what does that even mean?

Well again, over time washing the car can cause marring and swirling to the paintwork. all in one polishes have very little cutting abilities to cut through those swirls, they can remove holograms depending on how hard the paintwork of your vehicle is; but at the same time they have high filling capabilities to fill in / mask those swirls. they also do lay some protection on the paintwork and restore shine and gloss.

if you are looking to permanently correct the paintwork then you need paint correction and not enhancement.

Paint correction requires more time and hence costs more.

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