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Exterior Detail + Light Machine Polish

- Wheels Deep Cleaned Inside and Out.

- Tyres Degreased and Cleaned.

- Wheel Arches Deep Cleaned.

- Door Shuts Deep Cleaned.

- Exterior Detailer's Wash.

- Paintwork Treated with Iron Fallout.

- Tar Spots Removed.

- Paintwork and Glass Clayed.

- Paintwork Machine Polished to Restore Shine & Gloss.

- Professional Grade Wax Applied to Paintwork.

- Plastics Protected including under Wheel Arches.

- Glass Given No-Smear Wipe.

- Tyres Dressed with Satin Non Greasy Dressing.

- Muffler Polished.

paint enhancement

Paint Enhancement

Restore shine and gloss to dull paintwork

From £160

Paint Enhancement


You can select and choose which add-on depending on your need, That Simple!

CarPro 2 Year Ceramic

Extremely Hydrophobic and extremely glossy coating with High UV resistance and PH resistance.


Paint Sealant With FluoroCarbon Resins

This sealant is machine applied and form a strong bond to the paintwork. It creates a long lasting barrier and glass like finish. Detergent Resistance and UV Protection.


Up to 1 year Coating

This polymer coating will provide extreme water sheeting behavior and extreme gloss to the paintwork making it easy to clean up to 12 months!


6 Months Ceramic Infused Sealant

You can swap the spray wax with this hydrophobic, gloss enhancing 6 months sealant for extra protection for £15 Only!


Glass Sealant

This sealant will provide extreme water beading behavior on your glass making it easy to see through during rain, very useful and highly recommended!



We can steam clean and apply protectant under the bonnet and engine bay, just let us know you need it.


Convertible Top Clean & Protect

Convertible top steam clean & protect with Gtechniq


Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are foggy or turning yellow, we can restore them for you for £60 extra.


Plastic Restoration

Permanently restore faded oxidised plastic trim to bring them back to black.



We remove emblems and or decals using different methods and tools as every case is different.

Please Contact Us for a quote.


What is Paint Enhancement?

Over time UV rays dulls and oxidise paint. When we machine polish we can restore that shiny and glossy look back into the paintwork, this is what we call paint enhancement.

Will Paint Enhancement service get rid off swirls or scratches?

Well, although the short answer to that question is no and you will still see the swirls and the scratches However, this service will dramatically enhance the look of your car and some minor swirls will disappear.

If you are looking into getting rid off swirls and scratches then you probably are looking for Paint Correction.

What our customers are saying

George has done a great job on my car. I brought a used car which had some paint defects. George advised me what to do, and his knowledge was great regarding the paintwork. I was also helped out with requesting the dealership to act upon the poor paint condition.

George went above and beyond what was requested, to make my car look great again!

Would definitely recommend. Will be using George for all future jobs! Very friendly service, really pleased!

Jordan Moore

Very professional and caring. Quality of finish was key in George’s mindset and meticulous eye for detail restored flat paintwork after mobile scuff repair man left my car looking sorry for it self. Highly recommend OCD Pro Detail.

Michael Christy