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Paint Correction​ (Defects Removal)

- Wheels Deep Cleaned Inside and Out.

- Tyres Degreased and Cleaned.

- Wheel Arches Deep Cleaned.

- Door Shuts Deep Cleaned.

- Exterior Detailer's Wash.

- Paintwork Treated with Iron Fallout.

- Tar Spots Removed.

- Paintwork and Glass Clayed.

- Paintwork Machine Polished to Remove Swirls, Scratches and Restore Shine & Gloss.

- Professional Grade Wax Applied to Paintwork.

- Plastics Protected including under Wheel Arches.

- Glass Given No-Smear Wipe.

- Tyres Dressed with Satin Non Greasy Dressing.

- Muffler Polished.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Before and After Photo for swirl marks removal


Up to 80% Defect Removal

Starts From £250

Permanent removal of minor swirls, Holograms and micro marring.

Using a fine grade polish with no filers; this will remove up to 80% of defects on paintwork.

*We do fix one-off scratches, rock chips and we do touch-ups, Please contact us for a quote.


Over 80% Defect Removal

Using a heavy cutting compound to remove moderate scratches and swirls followed by a fine grade polish to restore shine and gloss to paintwork; this will remove up to 90% of defects on paintwork.


Flat Paint or Orange Peel

Over 90% Defect Removal

Only needed on heavily scratched and swirled paintwork, remove orange peel or to

finish a vehicle after re-spray.

It involve using wet-sanding, heavy cutting compound and followed by a fine grade polish.

We can also do denibbing and fix paint run.

Paint Correction


You can select and choose add-ons depending on your need, That Simple!

CarPro 2 Year Ceramic

You can swap the spray wax with this semi-hard, hydrophobic and extremely glossy coating with High UV resistance and PH resistance.


Paint Sealant With FluoroCarbon Resins

This sealant is machine applied and form a strong bond to the paintwork. It creates a long lasting barrier and glass like finish. Detergent Resistance and UV Protection.


Up to 1 year Coating

This polymer coating will provide extreme water sheeting behavior and extreme gloss to the paintwork making it easy to clean up to 12 months!


6 Months Ceramic Infused Sealant

You can swap the spray wax with this hydrophobic, gloss enhancing 6 months sealant for extra protection for £15 Only!


Glass Sealant

This sealant will provide extreme water beading behavior on your glass making it easy to see through during rain, very useful and highly recommended!



We can steam clean and apply protectant under the bonnet and engine bay, just let us know you need it.


Convertible Top Clean & Protect

Convertible top steam clean & protect with Gtechniq


Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are foggy or turning yellow, we can restore them for you for £60 extra.


Plastic Restoration

Permanently restore faded oxidised plastic trim to bring them back to black.



We remove emblems and or decals using different methods and tools as every case is different.

Please Contact Us for a quote.


What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the permanent removal of a layer of the vehicle's paintwork to reveal another layer with less visible surface imperfections like swirls, love marks, holograms, pig tails scratches, etc.

Why do we need paint correction?

Over time with bad washing habits your vehicle can get swirls and scratches, or if someone recently polished your vehicle using the wrong pad or technique they can leave holograms all over the paintwork. Holograms and swirls are most visible in direct sunlight and on darker paint and scratches can be visible most of the time.

Cars with no protection on the paintwork can suffer from the abuse of UV rays and the paintwork will eventually dulls and oxidise.

We need paint correction to remove a layer of the oxidised, dull or scratched paint and reveal the nice looking underneath.

How many times can we correct the paint?

Well, depending on how thick the paint is. Manufacturers tend to use very little amount of clear coat on their vehicles to cut down on cost; leaving us with very little amount to correct. Too much correction is not in the favour of your vehicle, as the less clear coat you leave on your car, the higher chance this clear coat will fail over time.

What is a one step or two step paint correction?

There are 4 steps for paint correction; One step paint correction means the use of a polishing pad "fine less aggressive pad" and a fine polish to cut through minor imperfections. One step is recommended on daily drivers and before applying ceramic coatings.

When removing deeper swirls and imperfections we need more cut power so we use compounding pad "course and more aggressive than polishing pad" and a heavy cut compound to cut through deeper defects but unfortunately this step is only able to achieve cut but not finish hence the two step name as we need to follow up with a fine pad and fine polish to achieve perfect finish and this becomes a two step paint correction.

Three step paint correction means we need to cut through deeper scratches which is why we start with wet sanding followed by heavy cut compound to remove the sanding marks and then refined with a fine polish to remove the haze caused by the compound and it becomes a three step correction.

A 4 step paint correction is most likely required on show cars where after finished with the three steps there is another phase called "jewelling" where we try to achieve highest gloss possible by using an extremely fine polish and extremely soft pad.

To find out more, Please feel free to give us a call on 07582725725

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What our customers are saying

George detailed my E Class and carried out a stage 1 paint restoration and I am more than impressed with the end result. I am quite fussy with my car but George was professional, helpful and extremely knowledgeable and delivered an outstanding result. I would recommend George to anyone wanting an outstanding service and competitive pricing.

Mark Ryan

From the moment I spoke to George I knew I was in good hands. He is knowledgeable and his work is more than thorough. Went for the stage one paint protection with ceramic and couldn’t be happier. Dealer left my car covered in swirls and holograms. Paint is like glass now. Car now looks amazing in the sun!

Andrew Pretty

Nearly 20hours spent on inside and out. Polished out a lot of swirl marks and light scratching. Car now looks better than it did new. I would highly recommend George. High Quality Service, Trustworthy, Reliable and all round great guy.

Michael Leith

George is meticulous in nature & my Abarth was in need of a real grime clean. Lots of little bumps on the paintwork. When I saw the finished product I was very impressed. Make sure you opt for the ceramic coat as well. The cost is not too bad & it really makes a difference to future washes. Thanks George!

Marco Silva