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- Whole Interior Deep Vacuumed.

- Mats Shampooed and Steam Cleaned.

- Carpet Shampooed and Steam Cleaned.

- Cloth Seats Shampooed and Steam Cleaned.

- Leather Cleaned and Conditioned.

- Skid / Scuff Marks Removed.

- Plastics Cleaned and Protected with UV Protectant.

- Door Panels Deep Cleaned.

- Dashboard, Centre Console and Steering Deep Cleaned.

- All Pillars Steam Cleaned.

- Glass Steam Cleaned.

- Glass Given No-Smear Wipe.

- New Car Scent Applied.

Car Interior Steam Cleaning

Interior Detail

Interior Steam Cleaning




SMART for two, Ford KA, Toyota AYGO




Audi A1, Mercedes A class, BMW 3 Series




Range Rover, BMW X5, 7 Seaters,

Mercedes S Class,

BMW 7 Series,

Bentley Brooklands

Interior Detail


You can select and choose add-ons depending on your need, That Simple!

Heavily Contaminated Cloth Seats

Steam, detergent and wet vacuum extraction machine used, to clean and restore the fabric to its original state.

*This add-on is for heavily stained seats and bio-hazards i.e. blood, urine and vomit.


Pet Hair Removal

Please choose this add-on if your car has lots of pet hair.


Fabric Repellent

Fabric repellent applied to cloth seats and mats to protect from unexpected spillages


Odour Neutralisation

and Ozone

Odour removal chemical applied on carpet, seats, headliner, pillars, seat belts and in ashtrays.

30 to 45 Minutes of Ozone treatment applied for air-conditioning system.


Leather Ceramic Coating

We can ceramic coat leather seats. Leather ceramic lasts up to 2 years and protects from Jeans staining and UV rays.


Our Interior Detail service is an extensive interior cleansing to bring the vehicle back to its showroom finish.

We use steam and detergents to clean the mats and carpeting, we do the same on the seats if you have fabric seats; we clean and condition the leather; we clean all nooks and crannies and apply dressings after. We use different brushes, dedicated towels and cleaners for every surface in your vehicle.

My car has been used previously by a smoker OR I am a smoker and I want to get rid of the smell inside my vehicle; is your interior detail service enough to get rid of the smell?

The Short answer is No, and it’s simply because there are some areas in your vehicle that no one can get to; as an example “the air conditioning system”. That’s why we have the Interior Detail Smoker’s package in which we will throw an Ozone generator inside the vehicle after properly steaming, de-greasing every single nook and cranny inside the vehicle including but not limited to glass, all pillars, sun visors, headliner etc. and we will let the Ozone run while the A/C is on for at least 30-45min. and that has worked for us to kill off the smell on so many vehicles.

I do have pets and I let them in inside my car; would that make a difference?

Yes! Because pet hair is sometimes on some carpeting is almost impossible to get rid of completely, also some pets’ saliva will stick on the fabric, glass, plastic etc. and it will make a funny smell. Vehicles with pets take extra time to clean to get rid of the hair and also extra steam cleaning required to sanitise the interior properly.

I had a spillage in my car; would you be able to help?

Please let us know what was the spillage, how long it has been there on what kind of material is it on inside your vehicle and we will be able to advice.

We Have Running Service in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Ware, Stanstead Abbotts, Cheshunt, Hertford, Harlow, Roydon, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Puckeridge, Bishops' Strotford, Potters Bar, Buntingford in Hertfordshire and all surrounding areas.

What our customers are saying

I’d tried a couple of numbers and even a friend who does valeting. To cut a long story short George instantly replied and too my utter surprise turned up the next day. The little Yaris used to my mother’s car and since our now joint ownership the poor little thing has been abused. By the time George had finished the interior looked better than when we bought the car! The seats were like new. I can honestly say I’m overwhelmed by the transition and although I think I was lucky with the timing on OCD’s booking I couldn’t have hoped for better. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else. And what a nice chap! Many thanks George!

Louis Morter