Serving Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and surroundings.


I want to get my car detailed, How does it work?

Simply contact me through the contact us page or by phone to book a suitable time for your convenience to assess the work required​ on the vehicle, discuss your expectations and book you an appointment for the detail. 

The quote visit is free* of charge and no obligation to accept the service at all if you are not happy with the quote.

Why you don't have fixed prices or packages for detailing?

Simply because it is not fair to charge all customers the same amount of money when not all vehicles are in the same condition and size.

Why don't you give me a definite price by email or over the phone?

Once said: "A man's clean is another man's dirty". It all depends on the condition of the vehicle, your expectations and budget, that's why i believe a quote visit is a necessity. 

However, I can give you an estimate price after asking few questions.

The definite price is only when i see the vehicle.

What makes you special than others?

Most people in the same industry are always looking to minimise time spent on the vehicle and use the cheapest possible products to minimise cost and increase profitability and who can blame them for that; fortunately for my customers that's not the case with me, i have OCPD and i am always looking to achieve perfection in my work regardless if extra time spent. I will always use high quality expensive products to achieve the result that satisfies me and that's perfection.

Do you serve other places than Hertfordshire?

Yes i do, please contact me.

Can all scratches be removed?

Well, some scratches are deep enough that they can never be corrected (they can be hidden with touch-up paint though). In the quote visit your expectations will be discussed and the outcome of the paint correction will depend on your budget. I can spend 3+ Days on the paint correction if you want a 99.9% outcome; it all depends on your budget.

How do i pay?

You can pay by Cash, Card, Cheque or a Bank transfer. 

Invoice will be sent to your email or by post within 1 working day of receiving the payment.

Small print

* Quote visits (if needed) are free up to 5 miles radius from Hoddesdon town centre.

*Distances above 5 miles will be charged £1 per mile for the quote visit only.

*Distances above 10 miles will be charges £1 per mile.

*Booking any of our services means you've read and agreed to our terms and conditions and there is no need for us to take any writing confirmation from you (we do that to make your experience with us a lot smoother and enjoyable)

We operate our service in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Ware, Stanstead Abbotts, Cheshunt, Hertford, Harlow, Roydon, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Puckeridge, Bishops' Strotford, Potters Bar, Buntingford in Hertfordshire and all surrounding areas.