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Exterior Detail​

- Wheels Deep Cleaned Inside and Out.

- Tyres Degreased and Cleaned.

- Wheel Arches Deep Cleaned.

- Door Shuts Deep Cleaned.

- Exterior Detailer's Wash.

- Paintwork Treated with Iron Fallout.

- Minor Tar Spots Removed.

- Paintwork and Glass Clayed.

- Professional Grade Wax Applied to Paintwork.

- Plastics Protected including under Wheel Arches.

- Glass Given No-Smear Wipe.

- Tyres Dressed with Satin Non Greasy Dressing.

- Muffler Polished.

paint decontamination

Exterior Detail

Paint De-Contamination



X-Small Hatchback

i.e. Fiat 500, Smart for two,

Ford KA, Toyota AYGO



Hatchback & Regular Saloon

i.e. VW Golf, Audi A1,

Mercedes A class, BMW 3 Series



Large Saloon, Estate and 4X4

i.e. Range Rover Evoque, BMW X5,

Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series

Exterior Detail


You can select and choose add-ons depending on your need, That Simple!

6 Months Ceramic Infused Sealant

You can swap the spray wax with this hydrophobic, gloss enhancing 6 months sealant for extra protection for £15 Only!


Up to 1 year Coating

This polymer coating will provide extreme water sheeting behavior and extreme gloss to the paintwork making it easy to clean up to 12 months!


Paint Sealant With FluoroCarbon Resins

This sealant is machine applied and form a strong bond to the paintwork. It creates a long lasting barrier and glass like finish. Detergent Resistance and UV Protection.


Glass Sealant

This sealant will provide extreme water beading behavior on your glass making it easy to see through during rain, very useful and highly recommended!



We can steam clean and apply protectant under the bonnet and engine bay, just let us know you need it.


Convertible Top Clean & Protect

Convertible top steam clean & protect with Gtechniq


Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are foggy or turning yellow, we can restore them.


Plastic Restoration

Permanently restore faded oxidised plastic trim to bring them back to black.



We remove emblems and or decals using different methods and tools as every case is different.

Please Contact Us for a quote.


The Exterior Detail service consists of our detailer’s wash and chemical decontamination followed by mechanical decontamination and Last but not least a wax or a sealant is applied to the paintwork, and glass; rubber and plastics are also dressed.

What’s your detailer’s wash?

A detailer’s wash is a deep clean to all parts of the exterior of the vehicle including alloy wheel face and barrels, tyre wall, wheel arches, fuel cap, exhaust tip, rubber seals, front grill and all other nooks and crannies followed by a rinseless & steam wash to all paintwork and glass.

What’s a rinseless & steam wash and why do you use it?

A rinseless wash is a solution used to clean the surface of the paintwork and glass without the need of water to rinse it off the vehicle. Rinseless washes are far more effective to clean the paintwork and the glass and have more lubrication than traditional car shampoo which means less marring and swirling on the paintwork if used properly; also it’s a lot less mess on your driveway and more eco-friendly.

What’s a chemical decontamination?

Because the paintwork of your vehicle is porous like your skin, brake dust and industrial fallout can land on the paintwork and embed themselves into those pores. Those metal particles will never come off with your regular hand wash or jet wash and that’s why we use a ferrous metal remover to dissolve those particles from the paintwork; this process is called chemical decontamination.

What is mechanical decontamination?

Ferrous metals remover will not remove other bonded contaminants on the paintwork like tree sap, tar, insect droppings and even some of the larger metal particles; that’s why we use a clay bar to physically remove those contaminants because that’s the only known way to remove them.

Why do you wax or seal after decontamination?

Constant exposure to UVA and UVB rays damages paintwork, rubber and plastics and that’s why we need waxes and sealants. Beside, when the paintwork is fully decontaminated waxes and sealants bond better and last longer.

Can’t you just wash and wax?

Washing only will not remove those bonded contaminants and applying a wax on top of them will not do the paintwork any good because while applying the wax you’ll inevitably rub those contaminants in the paintwork which means more marring and swirling. Also, you’ll not get the full durability of the applied wax or sealant.

What if my vehicle is coated previously with a sealant or a ceramic coat?

If your vehicle has been coated please let us know and we will be able to customise the service according to your vehicle’s needs.

I have faded black or grey plastic trims or bumpers can you restore those?

Yes! Normally we dress plastic and rubber when we do an exterior detail service and that’s enough to restore some darkness and get them back to how they should look like for few weeks. Unfortunately dressings don’t last long and eventually those trims will go back to fading after few washes. However, there is a semi-permanent solution to this issue and it lasts for years just ask us for a quote.

My vehicle's headlights turning yellow, even if i clean them they are still the same?!

Your vehicle's headlights are clear coated. Over time UV rays destroys the clear coat and it oxidise. we can restore them back to look like new by removing the oxidation and applying protection so they can handle few more years of UV abuse.

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What our customers are saying

Would like to thank George for a fantastic job he has done on my car. Five star service would highly recommend this man to anyone. Very polite and very thorough. Well done George

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