Premium Auto Detailing in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Ware & Surrounding Areas

Serving Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and surroundings.


Mobile Car Detailing Services

At OCD Pro Detail we provide several detailing services to cover every inch in your vehicle starting from the Exterior Detail which is a deep clean wash and decontamination followed by protection using wax or sealant and our Interior Detail which is a deep clean of the interior using steam and or wet vac. going through all nooks and crannies and restoring faded plastics, polishing metal & glass followed by protection to all leather, plastics and fabric; and other services like Our Headlight Restoration which restores oxidised, yellow headlights to its original transparency.

Our mobile service covers Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Ware and surrounding areas.

Auto Detailing in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne & Ware

Exterior Detail

Starts from £60

- Wheels (rims) are deep cleaned.

- Tyres' surfaces are cleaned.

- Wheel wells' are cleaned.

- Iron fallout treatment applied on wheels and paint.

- Wheels, Tyres and Wheel Wells are pressure washed.

- Vehicle is rinsed with a pressure washer.

- Snow foam applied and allowed to dwell.

- Clean cracks, crevices, emblems and grill using a detailing brush and a dedicated cleaner.

- Vehicle is rinsed again.

- Vehicle is hand washed using 2 bucket method & several mitts OR Waterless Wash / Rinseless Wash.

- Vehicle is rinsed again.

- Vehicle is inspected for removal of bugs & tar deposits.

- Vehicle is Clay barred to remove bonded contaminants on paintwork surface and glass.

- Rinse aid applied and vehicle is air / hand dried to prevent micro-scratching.

- All glass is polished.

- Hydrophobic Spray Wax applied on all glass.

- Hydrophobic Spray Wax applied on all paint surface.

- Tyre shine applied.

Interior Detail

Starts from £60

- All interior vacuumed (carpet, seats, doors, dashboard, centre console and trunk) using different dedicated tools / attachments for each.

- Carpet, seats, doors, dashboard, centre console, headliner, sun visors, pillars and seat belts are deep cleaned (going through all nooks and crannies) , steam cleaned and / or shampooed & wet vacuumed if needed.

- All glass polished.

- Fabric guard applied.

- Leather conditioner applied.

- All plastics dressed.

- UV protection / Wax applied to all plastics / vinyls.

Convertible Roof Detail

Starts from £30

- Fabric rinsed with free flowing water. 

- Fabric cleaner applied and agitated with a detailing brush.

- Fabric is Steam cleaned.

- Fabric rinsed again using free flowing water.

- Fabric hot-air dried. 

- Fabric protection applied.

- Vinyl window deep cleaned (any oxidation or yellowish removed) using a dedicated cleanser.

- UVA & UVB protection applied for Vinyl window.

Engine-bay Detail

Starts from £50

- Electric parts are covered.

- Degreaser applied and agitated with a detailing brush. 

- Engine bay is steam cleaned.

- Engine bay is rinsed using free flowing water.

- Covers removed.

- Engine bay air dried.

- Dressing and protection applied. (rubber & plastics only)

Chassis Detail

Starts from £30

- The chassis is pressure washed using a chassis tool.

- Chassis Wax applied.

* Chassis detail add on is performed as the first step of the exterior detail.

Stained Carpets & Seats

Starts from £30

- Steam, detergent and wet vacuum extraction machine used to clean and restore the fabric to its original state.

*this add on is for heavily stained interiors and bio-hazards i.e. blood, urine and vomit.


Pet Hair Removal

Starts from £20

- Extra time to remove all pet hair using a dedicated pet hair removal tool.

Odour Neutralisation

Starts from £30

- Odour Neutralisation chemical applied on carpet, seats, headliner, pillars, seat belts and in ashtrays.

- Odour Neutralisation treatment applied for air-conditioning system.

Copy Remove Mono


- Removal of emblems and or decals using different methods and tools as every case is different.

Please Contact Us for a quote.

18 -Headlight- (Solid)

Headlight Restoration

Starts from £30

- The area around the headlights is covered with masking tape.

- Headlights are wet sanded using different grades of sand paper.

- Headlights machine polished.

- UVA & UVB protection applied.

Paint Enhancement

Starts from £150

Paint Enhancement is the process of restoring shine & gloss to paintwork and filling those micro scratches and swirls using an all in one polish.

A wax, sealant or a ceramic coat is highly recommended afterwards and options will be discussed according to your budget.

Paint Correction

Starts from £250

There are different stages for paint correction and how many stages needed depends on your budget.

- One Step Paint Correction (£250+):

Permanent removal of minor scratches, minor swirls, Holograms and micro marring. 

The one step is done using a fine grade polish with no fillers.

The one step will remove up to 80% of defects on paintwork.

- Two Step Paint Correction (£350+):

The two step is done using a heavy cutting compound to remove moderate scratches and swirls then followed by a fine grade polish to restore shine and gloss to paintwork.

The two step will remove up to 90% of defects on paintwork.

- Three Step Paint Correction (£500+):

The three step is only needed when the paintwork is oxidised (example: Red colour will become pink) Or heavily scratched and swirled paintwork.

The three step involve using wet-sanding, heavy cutting compound and followed by a fine grade polish.

*We do fix one-off scratches, rock chips and we do touch-ups, Please contact us for a quote

Please note: This is not a definite way or steps used; this is only to give you an idea of what we do as every case is different.