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How to wash my vehicle safely after ceramic coating?

This is a question I always get asked by my customers after I’ve polished and ceramic coated their vehicles, for this reason I am writing this step by step guide to help my customers or anyone trying to wash their car safely.

If you are my customer you probably heard me talking about rinse-less washing or saw me washing your car without snow foaming or shampooing and without making that lot of a mess. I am a big fan of rinse-less washes and I believe they are safer, efficient and Eco-friendlier; How? Well let’s find out.

So, first things first; what do you actually need to safely wash your car?

  • You need 2 buckets and no it’s not the 2 bucket method you’ve heard of; We will need 1 bucket for the wheels and the other for the rest of the vehicle.
  • Different Wheel Brushes to properly clean your wheel barrels, under wheel arches, tyres, wheel lug nuts and the face of the wheels.
  • Several high GSM microfiber edge-less towels. High GSM means they are plushier and edge-less to prevent any marring on the paintwork.
  • Rinse-less solution; and this is basically what you’re going to clean the car with.

1- So first get your wash bucket and fill it with 2 gallons of water (approx. 7.5 litres)

2- Add your rinseless solution to the water following the dilution ratio on the label of the product.

3- Place at least 5 edgeless microfibre towels into the bucket and stir them all up.

4- Now get the first towel out of the bucket and ring it out until its slowly dripping; not too dry not too wet.

5- Fold your microfibre towel into fours and start from the top of the vehicle working your way down to the bottom.

6- Work panel by panel by wiping the surface in a straight line and flip the towel to a cleaner side as it gets dirty.

7- Once you’ve used all sides of this towel discard it on the side and get a new clean towel out of the bucket.

In this way you’ll never introduce the dirt back into the wash solution.

8- Now after you’ve finished the whole vehicle apart from the wheels, you’ll still have about a gallon left in the wash bucket and its pure and clean water with rinseless solution.

9- Pour the clean water from your wash bucket to your wheels bucket.

10- Now clean the wheel, wheel wells, tyres with the rest of the solution and the dedicated brushes.

This washing method is called the "Garry Dean Wash Method".

Will ceramic coat protect my car from getting scratched?

No, The two main reasons for ceramic coating your vehicle are: it looks cool, second its far much easier to clean because dirt and grime don’t stick to the paintwork compared to a non ceramic’ed vehicle; and with that being said; that means more protection from UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, you name it.

How long does a ceramic coat last?

Well, that’s a very debatable question. It’s like saying how long will my microwave last. Do you know? No, and guess what? no body does. You can ceramic coat your vehicle and it stays in a garage and never gets driven that means your ceramic coat can last forever?! And you can ceramic coat your vehicle and drive it every day through the car wash, how long do you think that ceramic will last in that case? However, its worth mentioning that if you ceramic coat your car and maintain it the way we advise you to do, the ceramic will last as long as the manufacturer say it will last on the bottle.

How long before I drive my car after ceramic coating?

Usually the coating we use cures in a couple of hours on a hot day. After that you can drive your car as long as its not raining. You need to stay away from rain for at least 48 hours. In case your car get rained on; Spray CarPro Elixir or a quick detailer on the surface and wipe with a plush high GSM edgeless microfibre towel to prevent droplets bonding to the coating and creating hard water spots.

Do NOT wash your car in the first 7 days from applying the coating.

Can I clay my car after ceramic coating?

The short answer is No. Never clay your car after ceramic coating it. Doing so will damage the coating.

Can I use a wax or a sealant on top of my ceramic coating?

Don’t use waxes on top of ceramics. If you want to top up your ceramic or create another sacrificial layer of protection on top of it then you should use SiO2 based sealants only. I recommend using CarPro Reload Spray Sealant.

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